Corporate Colour Courses

Colour sells, lifts the mood and increases productivity. But only if the right colour combinations are used. What colours would appeal to the greatest amount of people? What colours work together? Which don't (psychologically)? Sometimes colours can look fine, but actually turn people off. Find out why.It is not possible to opt out of using colour psychology. You are making a statement with every colour choice you make - and everybody picks it up. It is just a question of how aware of it you are. Colour Affects can teach you to be very aware of it, and know exactly what you are communicating. You can learn how to harness the power of colour through our range of courses.

Better to get it right by design than wrong by default.

Colour has a profound effect on human behaviour and it is better understood now than at any time in history. Designed specifically for the marketing and design community, Colour Affects' corporate courses demonstrate the power of colour psychology, and will teach your key executives to understand why colour is the most influential element in the design mix.

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Alternatively, you might prefer:

Bespoke Corporate Colour Courses

These tailor-made teaching sessions will open your eyes to the subliminal power of colour, enabling your company to reap the benefits of Colour Affects' wealth of knowledge and experience, and thus enjoy increased sales, more effective marketing communication, improved productivity and motivation.

Colour Affects will come to your offices, or chosen venue.

One- Two- Or Three-Day Workshops
The workshops are not designed to turn marketers and designers into colour consultants, but to enable everyone involved in the process to:

  • Appreciate fully how getting colour right enhances your bottom line.
  • Learn the best approach to putting colours together to achieve universally positive responses.
  • Avoid sending out mixed messages.
  • Put a stop to endless (expensive) subjective debate about colours.
  • Replace those debates with informed discussion of powerful colour strategies.
  • Examine the various business areas that benefit from the application of colour psychology and how it can be employed in those areas.

These courses are tailor-made for each client company, to provide delegates with a level of expertise that will be of enormous benefit to them in design projects of any kind. In addition to all of the above, depending on the duration of the course and the company's requirements, the following can be covered:

  • The application of colour psychology to branding, product ranges, sales and marketing - graphic and three-dimensional design.
  • Choosing colours for the workplace that will increase motivation and productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  • The colours of uniforms.

These workshops are designed not only to be informative and enjoyable but also productive. Having examined and understood the value and benefits of implementing colour psychology in their business, delegates are invited to present any current projects that they would like the group to evaluate, using the Colour Affects System of Applied Colour Psychology. The course fee includes an element of consulting, as this part of the course allows live projects to progress during the teaching and delegates will leave the workshop with a sense of achievement, rather than just academic understanding.

Max. 30 delegates
Course fees from GBP2,500 per day +  expenses (where applicable).

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