Colour Psychology In Your Business

Colours speak louder than words

It is a scientific fact that colour is the principal cue to composition: the first thing humanity instinctively looks to for the information we need, to know how to respond to anything that confronts us.

Colour Affects has provided colour consultation in interiors, branding/sales promotion, public sector, product design, retail and direct mail for major clients, both global and national, throughout the UK and in 13 countries.

Over the last 20 years, clients' estimates of the time saved for them by the Colour Affects system have averaged between 45% and 60%.

Colour Affects can help you to harness the amazing (subliminal) power of colour for your business:

  • Retailers can convert sightseers to purchasers;
  • Marketers can know every time precisely what effect their branding and promotional communications will have on their consumers;
  • Every company can use the Colour Affects System to reduce absenteeism and raise motivation in the workplace. Sending staff on motivation courses is great - but you are wasting your money if the light of enthusiasm dies in their eyes as soon as they come back, to work in a grey, colourless, world.
  • The right colour Packaging will increase sales of your products
  • The colours of the Products themselves can attract more sales
  • In the Public Sector - prisons, hospitals, schools - colour psychology can make a huge difference, in terms of 'client' behaviour and staff motivation.


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