Case Studies

Our own, and our clients' confidentiality policies preclude our identifying the case studies below. Documentation can be made available to view at Colour Affects' offices, if necessary.

1. Electrical goods retail project. Our clients were building a dramatic new out-of-town superstore for their discount electrical goods estate. Although this was not their first superstore, most of their other shops were relatively small, sited in High Streets throughout the UK. Their brief to Colour Affects was to create a colour palette for the store that would convert sightseers to purchasers.

The morning after the celebrity opening of the store, the clients telephoned Colour Affects to say that the takings had totally exceeded all previous records for the opening day of any store… takings in that superstore continued to exceed expectations.

2. Retail branding project. Our client was a global retailer, with whom we had worked for some time, on a variety of projects. They asked Colour Affects to create a new, detailed, palette of colours for their convenience stores. Before the re-design, they conducted market research in four countries, into how aware their shoppers were of which convenience store they were in; results were below 10%. The company did not have any branding - i.e. the corporate logo - visible in the shop interior, but they did have a sub-brand outside.

After Colour Affects applied colour psychology to raise awareness of the brand in a subliminal way, the company repeated the research, in the same four countries. Awareness of the brand now averaged around 80% - so the revision meant that the brand colours inside the shop helped increase the overall brand recognition. Additionally, customers now felt that the environment was warmer and friendlier, and staff believed the atmosphere was far more enjoyable to work in.

3. Mail order project. Our clients had already begun promotion of a new opera CD when Colour Affects first met them; their in-house designers had chosen the colours for the promotional leaflet. The client asked us to adjust the colours of the leaflet, in line with the principles of colour harmony/colour psychology contained in the Colour Affects System. We were not asked to create a palette from scratch. The client printed 50% of the leaflets in the original colours and 50% in the colours of the adjusted palette; in every other respect, the two leaflets were identical. The two mail outs were as similar as possible.

The promotional leaflets in the new colours produced sales of over 500,000 more CDs than the leaflets in the original colours specified by the in-house design team.